How A Poor Diet Hurts Mental Health

By Bradley Stansbury

The Lack Of Omega - 3

Scientist think Omega -3 helps send signals from the brain to the body. They also think the nutrient improves mood.Omega -3 is usually found in seafood and walnuts

The Lack of Tryptophan

This nutrient is considered the building block of protein. This nutrient produces serotonin.

serotonin is a chemical that when lacking causes depression.

This can be found in soy and turkey

Fun Fact - This is what causes drowsiness after eating turkey and potatoes

The Lack of Magnesium

This is a nutrient that produces energy. I also builds muscle without this nutrient people would become extremely tired and unproductive

This can be found in leafy greens

The Lack of Folic acid and vitamin B-12

People who lack this nutrient are missing a major chemical that prevents depression.

This can be found in meat and dairy products

Eating fast food

its thought that eating fast food you are more likely to experience mood issues

Eating fast food causes inflammation inflammation causes depression

Inflammation linking to depression

Inflammation blocks many of the nutrients listed above from releasing

You are 43 % more likely to get depressed when eating/drinking sugary fatty foods/drinks than leafy greens or organics

Inflammation disrupts signals to the brain this is why it causes depression

Why you need to have these nutrients

without these nutrients we would be depressed and tired alot. That is not a healthy way to live. just eat these foods regularly and stay healthy