by Audrey , Isaiah , and Chase

Systems and Their parts

Systems are made up of different parts with different roles. If one part is not working the system will not work.

Examples Of Natural Systems

Earth is made up of a lot of natural systems. Even earth itself is one big natural system. An ecosystem is another example of a natural system. An ecosystem is all the living and nonliving things in an area.

Check out the waterfall and river below as an example of a natural system.

(Nature Relaxation w/ Music) Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation Video by David Huting

Food Fiber Systems

Food and fiber systems are systems that use human-made and natural systems. A farm is an example of a human-made and natural system. For example, we plant crops to get the materials we need to make edible food. Sometimes we use machines to help us make food and fiber systems. Some restaurants use machines to chop up potatoes grown on farms and cut them into french fries.

Examples of Human-Made Systems

Human-made systems can be everyday items. Most human-made systems are nonliving and are made of non living parts. Some examples of human-made systems are computers , bicycles and cell phones.

Vocabulary Words

Question 1: What are 3 examples of human-made systems? Write your answer.

Question 2: What is a system? Write your answer.

Question 3: What is an ecosystem? Write your answer.

Question 4: What are 2 examples of nature-made systems? Choose your answer.

  1. waterfalls,rivers
  2. computers,Ipods
  3. factories,foodchain