Coach Shadow Day

Welcome to Greene County


9:00- 10:00

High School with Pat Heinrichs

  • procedures and forms
  • coaching session
  • visit with model teacher


Elementary with Shannon Hansen

  • PLC work 2 groups


Lunch Ram Restaurant at High School

  • eat and talk with 3 Greene County coaches


Intermediate with Brenda Onken

  • Professional Development
  • Other various activities

Addresses & Directions

High School

Thursday, May 5th, 9-10am

101 Ram Drive

Jefferson, IA


Thursday, May 5th, 10:15-11:45am

401 East Russell Street

Jefferson, IA

Lunch at Ram Restaurant

Thursday, May 5th, 12-1pm

101 Ram Drive

Jefferson, IA

Intermediate Building

Thursday, May 5th, 1:15-2pm

501 14th Street South

Grand Junction, IA