May 2015

ELL Networking Newsletter

Badger Exams and Disruptions!

Well, the Badger Exams have not only disrupted schedules in the classroom and district calendars but our last April ELL Networking meeting as well! Our rescheduled LAST networking meeting of the year will be Tuesday, May 26 from 9-2 pm at CESA 3 in Fennimore. I hope you ALL can make it so we can discuss and plan for next year!

WIABE Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the WIABE conference. I was especially interested in the sessions: Cooperative Writing Strategies for ELLs and the Using Modified WIDA Rubrics to Evaluate Student Work. In the first session on writing the presenter stressed the importance of teamwork by using drawings, paragraph writing and sentence frames to support increased writing with ELLs. I especially liked the ABC strategy that was used at the beginning and I will share this with you at our next meeting in May. Also, the Modified WIDA Rubrics presentation was fantastic as the presenter gave us access to all of her modified rubrics so we can modify at will for grade levels that we work with. I will also bring this to our meeting on May 26. There were others from our consortium district that attended this conference as well and I invite them to present their thoughts on the sessions they attended with us on May 26 if they would like to (you know who you are!).


ACCESS results are back! I hope that everyone has their scores back and they are processing what that all looks like for the rest of the year and into next year as we continuously plan for our ELLs. Plan on sharing results, frustrations, what 2.0 is going to look like, our next meeting!

DPI ELL Informational Meeting

I participated in the DPI ELL Informational Meeting Wednesday, April 29. We talked about ACCESS 2.0 and what that will look like for next year. I will share more at our May meeting.
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And lastly.....

As always, if you have any questions between now and our May 26 meeting, please email me! I have lots of resources to share with you and hope to see you soon. Register as soon as possible!