Fix What You Break

Robin and Oberon's playlist

Theme: If you screw it up, go back and fix it

Throughout the play, the two tricksters Oberon and Robin have played tricks on lots of the characters, and while they do mess around and screw up everything, they go back afterwards and set everything right.
Cee-Lo Green - Forget you - Lyrics

Oberon Song 1: "Forget You" By Cee Lo Green

I chose this song for Oberon because when the character is first introduced he is angry and jealous of Titania because she took the human child and refused to give him to Oberon, and in the song, the singer is angry that his girlfriend left him, and he is also jealous of her new boyfriend. Oberon would listen to this song when he is first introduced and the conflict comes up between him and Titania. Oberon is starting to think about how he will get the child from Titania, which leads in the theme later in the story
Troll Song

Robin Song 2:"The Troll Song" By Eduard Khil

I chose this song for Robin because he is the trickster, or troll character. He would listen to this song after Oberon had told him to go and put the flower on the Athenian man's eyes, and when he turned Bottom's head into a horses head and Titania fell in love with him. This represents part of the theme, because they made Lysander stop loving Hermia and love Helena instead (breaking their love) and also making all of the other actors run away from Bottom (breaking the play rehearsal).
Flight of the Bumblebee

Robin Song 2: "Flight Of The Bumblebee" Composed By Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

I chose this song to also represent the time in which Robin is going around creating mischief, because it is a fast paced song that is minor, but is not threatening, just like Robin was when he went around flying like a bumblebee. Robin would listen to this song when he was going around searching for the Athenian man and when he eavesdropped on the play. This represents the part in the theme where things are about to be broken
opera doc

Oberon Song 2: "Opera Doc" By Looney Tunes

I chose this song for Oberon because after Titania falls in love with Bottom, and Lysander and Dimitrius both fall in love with Helena, Oberon realizes what he has done as Elmer Fudd realizes that he has killed the rabbit, and wish that the rabbit would come back to life, like Oberon wishes for Titania to return to her normal self and for Lysander and Hermia's love to return to normal.
Black Sabbath - Iron Man (Music Video)

Robin Song 3: "Iron Man" By Black Sabbath

For Robin's third song I chose the point in time in the book in which I felt that it became apparent that Robin not only like to create mischief just for the sake of it, but also took it a little too far, separating himself from Oberon, who also liked to play tricks, but for purposes that benefit him and he also had a limit. In this way I saw Robin being different from Oberon, just as the people in the song saw Iron Man as being different, and a little bit for a freak.
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Oberon Song 3: "Bohemian Rhapsody" By Queen

For Oberon's 3rd song I chose Bohemian Rhapsody because in the first part of the song it is about a man that has done something he regrets and now he wishes that he could take it back, just like Oberon when he sees what has happened to Titania and Lysander and Hermia. He would listen to this after he found out what he did to Titania and Lysander and Hermia. This represents the part in the theme where Oberon has to make the choice to fix what he's done.
Coldplay - Fix You Lyrics

Robin Song 4: "Fix You" By Coldplay

For Robin's fourth song I chose fix you because that is what he had to do to Titania, but I chose this more for Demetrius and Helena and Lysander and Hermia. Because Robin completely screwed up Lysander and Hermia's love he had to fix that, but he also fixed Demetrius so that he would be willing to try Helena. Robin would listen to this song when he goes around and applies the flower of Diana to Lysander and Titania's eyes to return them to normal, or fix them. This is the fix part of the theme.
Coldplay - Yellow Lyrics

Oberon Song 4: "Yellow" By Coldplay

For Oberon's fourth song I chose Yellow because Oberon and Titania are finally friends again. Oberon would listen to this song when he and Titania are friends again and everything is set right. This represents the part in the theme where everything is fixed.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Lyrics Video)

Robin And Oberon Song 5: "Happy" Pharrell Williams

For Robin and Oberon's last song I chose Happy because everything ends as it should and everyone has a happy ending. They would listen to this song after the end of the story and everything was successfully sorted out. This represents the end of the play.