by:Carmela Marcellino

Plasma or cell membrane

description/structure: double layer of phospholipids.

Function: keeps pieces inside also allows small molecules to pass freely

Present in both plant and animal cells.

cell walls

description/structure: squared

Function: key part in holding the organelles inside the cell

Present in plant cells.


description/structure: 'soup' that surrounds the organelles

Function: contains protein to control the cell.

Present in both plant and animal cells


description/structure: large dark spot in the cell

Function: stores the DNA

Present in both plant and animal cells


description/structure: circular shaped

Function: change the RNA

Present in both plant and animals


description/structure: cylindrical array

Function: reproduces

Present in animals cells.


description/structure: pockets of RNA protein

Function: adds individual amino acids

Present in both plant and animal cells

golgi apparatus

description/structure: stack of large vesicles surrounded by smaller vesicles.

Function: sends protein to the right place

Present in both plant and animal cells

endoplasmic retculum

description/structure: smooth and rough surface shaped like mazes

Function: makes protein and release it in to the body

Present in animal cells


description/structure: bean like shape with lines inside the organelle

Function: makes energy from using sugar and turns it in to oxygen

Present in animal cell


description/structure: green and ovals

Function: turns light into energy

Present in plant cells


description/structure: rough spherical bodies by a single enclosed membrane

Function: contains 3 dozen different hydrolytic enzyme

Present in animal cell


description/structure: small and round

Function: break down and protein

Present in animal cells


description/structure: membrane bond sac tend to be large

Function: breaks down nutrients, help the plant keep its shape

Present in both plant and animal cells


description/structure: like roads or highways

Function: a little piece of the membrane falls off to carry cargo to the cell

Present in in animal cells