September 9 - September 15 VOL.# 3 ISSUE#2

Week at a glance


9:00-10:40 4th grade iPad Distribution

School Board mtg. Destination Imagination team being recognized; 7:00



Prideful PAWS due (please send to Sandra Burmeister and cc Jacobsen)-see attachment

Say cheese......School pictures. Staff can start getting your pictures made at 7:30 in room 102.

Grade level meetings with support staff (see schedule Dawn sent)


9:15 PTA executive board mtg.


Dot day

Prideful PAW letters sent home



PDAS-last day to submit Section I of self report on Eduphoria


3:00 Design Team mtg. (members only)

6:30 PTA mtg (Prideful Paws announced)


Upcoming Spirit Days

9/20 CRE Shirt Day

9/27 Silly Sock Day


Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you.

Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.


September Birthdays!

5th.....Joanie Jackson

6th.....Sheila Stevens

9th.....Karol Ellis

9th.....Betty Robinson

17th....Beth Carpenter

18th....Shelli Phillips

23rd....Valerie Wall

Updated Information


*Regular lunch bunches will start this week.

*Please remember we need your sunshine dues. They are $20.00. Please make checks out to Randie Faulkner.

*Please make sure you have made contact with all of your parents within the first 2 weeks of school.

*Please make sure you have completed your PDAS section 1 of your self report prior to September 16th.

*September 3-27; grades 1-2 {Reading DRA2/EDL2, Reading DRA Analysis Tasks

grade 1{Word Study WTW}

grades 3-5 new students only {Reading DRA/EDL2 & Word study WTW

October 4th Data needs to be entered into Aware

September 23-October 10 grades k-2 {Math BOY Universal screening}

September 30-November 4 Kinder {Reading DRA word Analysis Tasks

November 11th Data need to be entered in Aware

*Vision and Hearing Screening begin this week and will continue every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through the end of October. Next week is: Tues- Fanin, Wed- Heyen, Thurs- Lott.

*Mrs. Ashmore will be sending out the ozone information daily. Please make sure you are looking at her emails.

*Please include a couple of choir news items:

*CRE 4th & 5th Grade choir will begin soon. 4th grade meets every Tuesday

in the music room from 2:50-3:45 beginning September 24th. 5th grade

meets every Thursday in the music room from 2:50-3:45 beginning September

26th. Students will receive a handout & sign up sheet next week. It's

also available on Mrs. Seibert's website:

The enrollment key is: coyotemusic.

The LISD FIFTH GRADE HONOR CHOIR is looking for outstanding 5th graders to

audition for the prestigious choir. The director this year is Cynthia

Nott, director of the Greater Dallas Children's Chorus. If interested,

the pre auditions will be held in the CRE music room, September 18-19,

from 2:50-3:45 PM. Auditions will be Friday, September 20th in the music

room from 2:50-3:45 PM. Three students will be chosen to participate in

108 member 2013 LISD FIFTH GRADE HONOR CHOIR. Information is online on

Mrs. Seibert's website: The enrollment key

is: coyotemusic. Handouts will also be given to all 5th graders.

*Jayme still needs more volunteers for the fire truck pull to raise money for special Olympics. We can't have a team unless we have 12 participate...right now we

only have 5 !!!

*Our first PTA mtg is September 19. PTA is providing dinner and our first round of Prideful PAWS will be announced. All staff should submit one name by Wednesday, 9/11. This award is given to students who help others, stand up for others. Please view link on HOWL. (google link below)

Coyote Pride

*Can I just brag on ALL of our teachers. During orientation last week, I had the classes complete a circle map. Every class knew what a circle map was (including frame of reference for grades 2-5) and how to complete it. Coyote Ridge Rocks the Thinking Maps! ~Armstrong

*Thanks to Gloria, JoAnna, Mary, and others who poked their heads in to make sure FLS had enough help during the fire drill. We really appreciate your help making sure our kids are safe! And just because we didn't need too many extra hands this time, please keep checking!!! ~Carol G.

*Kindergarten is off to a great start thanks to our new hardworking friends Sarah, Amber and Alyssa. They have all gone above and beyond, are so much fun to work with, and we are so happy to welcome them to the team! ~Jennifer Wolf

*Shout out to Dawn Brustad. What an amazing new AP for our campus! I love how positive and energetic she is. I am so happy she is with us. ~Angela H.

*A HUGE thank you to Powers for coming to the rescue in the cafe for morning duty help. She has helped so much and is a great neighbor! ~Julie M