My Bucket List

By Chloe Barkow

Goals to Get Done Soon

  • Learn to Skateboard
  • Give all my Friends a Christmas Present
  • Get my Drivers License
  • Say Hello to Someone I'm not Friends with
  • Learn to Dance
  • Teach Someone Something
  • Lay Outside and Watch the Stars
  • Learn to do the Splits
  • Finish my Creature Drawing

Goals that Might take a While Before Completing

  • Learn Guitar
  • Learn Japanese
  • Learn even more Languages
  • See the Ocean
  • Be fluent in Spanish
  • Travel to a Different Country
  • Finish Writing a Book
  • Go on a Road-Trip with my Friends
  • Go to College
  • Dye a Color from the Rainbow in my Hair
  • Ride on a Motorcycle
  • Fly in a Plane
  • Fly First Class
  • Find out more about my Birth Family
  • Go to a Concert
  • Go to Warped Tour
  • Meet Someone Famous
  • Go to a Spa
  • Write Something in Wet Cement
  • Shoot a Gun in a Shooting Range
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Have a Food Fight
  • Go to a Movie Premiere