Avid Fall Exam

marco gray jan.14,2016 7th

cornell note taking

cornell note taking has really helped me this year. It has helped with my organization with note taking . It has also taught me a great way to take down notes because now when I study and look over my notes it is much easier to do. I think cornell notes really gave a good road to my way to college .



TRF has really helped me identify and understand the problems I have. TRFs really helped me with my tutorials because it gives me a understanding of how I messed up on my problem. TRFs also gives me an idea about what the answer to my problem could be



On the first day of school my organization was really bad . I had papers everywhere and I was not as organized as I was. Thanks to avid I really have improved on my organization with my binder and I hope to keep up the good work that avid has started for me.


Public speaking

public speaking is the number one fear for humans especially me. When I was younger I really feared of presenting things in front of my classroom. Now I feel like I can do a presentation to the whole world thanks to avid.


Community Survice

community service was a great experience to me even though it took hard work it was still worth it . The smiles on the peoples faces were endless I really loved when they were smiling and happy. I love avid for giving me the opportunity to put smiles on people faces and just for me to do something I never did before.



Tutorials have really let me interact with my peers. Letting them teach me was a good feeling cause people like me teaching me was easier . Tutorials have really effected me this year because if I have a problem I cant solve I always count on my friends to help me figure it out.



This semester I'm going to improve on studying and and working in general. I'm going to improve on my organization and my TRFs especially because I have a major issue with that. I'm also going to make sure that i'm doing everthing i'm suppose to in class.
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