Early Learning Connection

By: Dr. Yvette Ledford

Who Is Your Early Learning Director?

Over a decade ago, I made a promise to enhance student learning. Since making that commitment, I have had the privilege of directly teaching nearly 300 students and working with dozens of educators. While I am deeply connected to students and classroom instruction, I have a strong desire to impact more students. That is the passion that led me to this position.

Who is your Early Learning Director? I am a mother who is granted the daily reminder that ALL CHILDREN CAN LEARN given the right resources, freedom to dream, and space to explore. I am a lifelong learner who is committed to increasing my professional knowledge as it relates to curriculum, educational strategies, and the social issues that affect learning. I believe in researching to find the best methodology, and I believe that EVERY SCHOOL has strengths from which we can draw. As an educator whose heart beats for the classroom, I am committed to supporting the teachers and students of Bulloch County 110%.

Pre-K - 2 Resources: Science Matters!

Upcoming Events

October 12 - 23 - Write Score Testing Window

October 19 - 23 - Pre-K Week

October 21 - Drive to Survive: Google Drive Session*

October 28 - Fab Vocab: Strategies for Vocabulary Comprehension*

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Free Literacy and Math Resources

  • ABCmouse (formerly used for Pre-K and K) is now featuring 1st Grade content! It's educational, interactive, engaging, and free. It's can be used on all devices (e.g. Smartboards, laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc.).
  • Epic! ebooks provides an unlimited library of free children's books. It's a great resource for classroom and home use.


ABCmouse.com: Now Featuring First Grade Activities!
Epic! eBooks for Kids
"The Letter A Song" by ABCmouse.com