Mrs. Shank's Class

4th Grade Liberty Park Elementary

Liberty Park Personalized Vision

We believe all learners are unique and deserve personalized learning experiences in order to develop the skills to be self-directed and successful in life and create solutions for a better tomorrow.

Mrs. Shank's Personalized Vision

I believe all learners are unique and deserve a personalized learning experiences in order to develop the skills to be self-directed learners and problem solvers in life, so they become productive citizens in a global economy.

Why use personalized learning in the classroom?

I am using personalized learning in my classroom to give my students the opportunities to learn concepts which allow them them the ability to construct their own knowledge in a way that is right for their learning paths. I am still providing rigorous and engaging activities for my students.

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Model Overview

The model I am using is a five station rotation. I have five different stations I use so I am able to meet with all of my students every day.


The students’ learning is personalized by students having a voice and choice of which activity they choose to do in their group rotation. They have a menu to follow in which to make a choice.


Students are able to reflect on an end of the week goal sheet. Students will reflect by stating what they did well on and what they need to work on for the next week.


The data is used to modify my small groups and to create new small groups.


The small groups are used to teach, remediate, or enrich the students in language arts, or math. The instruction is based on the students’ academic needs.


The digital tools I use in my classroom are Lexia, STMath, IXLMath, MobyMax, TensMark, Zing, Zeal, Epic, Socrative, Kahoot, Google Doc, Google Slides.

Key Resources - Videos, Data Sheet , artifacts, and etc.

Here are items that you might find helpful when working on personalized learning in your classroom.