Abigail T. Wofford

~Life is too short to wear boring clothes~

Who Am I...

Skills-cheerleading, dancing, singing, talking, socializing

Interests-dancing, singing, fashion, friends, church

Values-honesty, loyalty, religion, confidence, perkiness

Self-esteem-well-balanced, realistic

Learning Style-hands on

Why should all of these things be considered when deciding on a career?

-You will want to know what you are good at (skills)

-You don't wnat to pick a job that you don't like or you won't work hard for it (interests)

-You want to find a place that has the same values a you so you don't have something that doesn't fit you (values)

-You don't want to work in an environment that treats you badly and lowers your self-esteem (self-esteem)

-You want to look for a job the you can use your hands with (learning style)

Where Am I Going...

My Career As A...Private Detective

Median Annual Salary: $45,740

Job Description:

In my job I would find facts and analyze information about legal, financial, and personal matters, offer many services, including verifying people's backgrounds, finding missing persons, and investigating computer crimes, interview people to gather information, search records to uncover clues, etc.

Job Outlook: 11% (as fast as average) 33,300

Cluster: Law and Public Safety Career Cluster

Work Schedule: irregular hours because they conduct surveillance and contact people outside of normal work hour

Work Environment: they may have to work outdoors or from a vehicle, in all kinds of weather, depending on what the suspect of investigation is doing

Something Interesting About My Career: 15% of the approximate 60,000 Private Detectives in the U.S. are Women

How Do I Get There...

I might be interested in The U of A in Fayetteville, AR; The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM;the Texas A&M International University in College Station, TX.
The U of A Fayetteville, Ar- it is close to home and I love the Razorbacks
The University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM- it has the training needed for my career as a Private Detective, it would nice to leave Arkansas and break out of my comfort zone, and I've always wanted to live in New Mexico
Texas A&M International University in College Station, TX- it also has the training I need for my career, i would also like to live in Texas and be able to leave my hometown/homestate and have a new adventure

Private Detective

My career as a Private Detective recquires a law enforcement background, but some recquire a 2-4 year degree. Also, previous work experience, usually in law enforcement, the military, or federal intelligence jobs are recquired for different jobs.


I hope to qualify for an education, cheerleading/dancing, or even a track scholarship.