The Superwoman of Liberty

How Elizabeth Cady Stanton Supported Equality for All

Who was Elizabeth Cady Stanton?

  • A prominent abolitionist
  • An important figure in the women's rights movement
  • A historian and writer

How did she influence American history?

Elizabeth went to antislavery and women's rights conventions around the world, such as the World Anti-Slavery Convention, and was in both abolitionist and women's rights organizations, like the American Antislavery Society, the American Equal Rights Association, and the National Women Suffrage Association. She wrote A History On Women's Suffrage, which truly showed to readers how women felt like in their inequality, and her autobiography, Eighty Years and More. And, she published The Woman's Bible to show how religion and women's rights were connected. She was one of the starters of the women's rights movement.

Elizabeth WOrked with other influencial women.

Elizabeth Was loyal to william lloyd garrison.

He founded both the American Antislavery Society, which Elizabeth was part of, and the New England Antislavery Society. He supported women's rights and argued for them, along with abolition, in his famous newspaper the Liberator.

Why did such women become abolitionists?

  • Sympathized with enslaved women separated from their families
  • Wanted equality for all, and womens' and blacks' rights are related


  • Organized the first woman's rights convention in 1848 in Seneca Falls with Lucretia Mott
  • Married abolitionist Henry Stanton; had 7 children
  • Started the Women's Loyal League with Susan B. Anthony
  • Wrote the Declaration of Sentiments, in 1848, to improve women's rights in a variety of subjects

"It is the duty of the women of this country to secure to themselves the sacred right to the elective franchise."