Paw Prints

Norfolk Jr. High

By Caitlyn Cowling

Feature Story

Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch was a pro softball player for the Chicago Bandits and the USA national softball team. She was born on September 3,1980, in La Mirada,California. Her parents are Bev and Doug Finch. She has two brothers, Shane and Landon. Her game winning streak is 60 games in a row. She was married to Casey Daigle in 2005. Casey plays baseball for the San Francisco Giants. They have three kids. She named her first kid Ace Shane Daigle. Their second kid was Diesel Dean Daigle. Her third kid they named Paisley Faye Daigle. Yes, She comes up with pretty weird names for her kids, but she’s a great softball player!

Nursery Rhyme

Ducks went out to play but ended up getting lost

It was reported by a father duck, Gary Larr, in the late afternoon on Friday, June 17, 2013, five little ducklings went outside to play. All went well until they had to go home. Each time their mother, Mary Larr, called them home, they would come back with less ducklings until there were no signs of any ducklings left. Mary went out walking after the little ducklings disappeared. She went over the hill and far away. Then Gary called for her to come back. She didn't come back, but somebody else did. It was the five little ducklings, Lilly, Billy, Milly, Willy, and Dilly Larr. Mother duck, Mary Larr, was never to be found.


School Uniform Argument

School uniforms could be a good idea and even a bad idea. I understand why people would want school uniforms, but I also understand why they don't want them.

Having school uniforms could be a good thing because kids wouldn’t be bullied on what kind of clothes they wear. The kids would be treated equally on what they wear. They wouldn’t base popularity on what clothes they can and cannot afford.

I can see where people come from for not wanting school uniforms. If you didn't have school uniforms you could wear your own clothes that make you feel comfortable. You can embrace yourself by your outfits, but that couldn’t happen if you had to wear school uniforms.

Personally, I wouldn’t have school uniforms because i like to be my own unique person. Yeah, you could get bullied for the clothes you wear, but even if you had to wear school uniforms people could find other things that are even worst to bully you about.

Movie Review

Pitch Perfect

Are you into comedy? Pitch Perfect is a comedy about a girl named Beca (Anna Kendrick) who is convinced into joining an all-girls singing group, The Bellas, at Barden University. They compete with their male rivals in a campus competition. The Bellas is an all-girl singing group where the only instrument they use is their mouth.The seniors of the group, Chloe(Brittany Snow) and Aubrey(Anna Camp) have done the same routine every year, but can Beca change that?

Favorite App

What's the Word?

My favorite app is What’s the Word? It’s a game where it has four pictures and they all have something in common with each other. You have to guess what the word is. They tell you how many letters are in the word. They also have multiple letters you can choose from. When you complete a level you get two points. They provide you with three different kind of hints. The first one is where they remove the letters that aren’t in the word, but it costs 59 coins. The second hint is where they reveal a letter that you need in the word. It costs 39 coins. The last hint is where you get another picture. it also costs 39 coin What’s the Word is a great game. It’s a fun and challenging game for everyone.