Could you be a Digital Leader?

Not sure what a Digital Leader is? Read on...

A Digital Leader is someone who is keen on helping others develop the use of technology across the College. It could be hardware, software, app development. mobile phones, tablets, programming...

Developing the use of tech tools in College

You will need to be confident and curious about your technology, ready to test out new apps and programs...

Developing the use of tech tools with students

Could you teach your peers how to get the best out of the technology they have?

Developing the use of tech tools with staff

Could you run a Genius Bar once a week so that staff could come and ask your advice?

Work alongside adults from the computing/software/gaming world

Have you got the skills to work with people you have not necessarily met before?

Could you manage a social media stream?

Tweets, posts, blogs, shares, likes, circles...

Could you contribute and publish an electronic newsletter once a fortnight?

Full of tech tips to help staff and students utilise tech at College..

Still interested? Apply below (you'll need to be log into the Learning Platform)

Your work will be digitally accredited and will be as worthy as your academic qualifications!