Typical Rules and Punishments

George Minger 7th Period


Slaves had to follow many rules, one of the rules was that you were not allowed to steal, lie, or use offensive language. Another rule that they followed was that slaves were not allowed to stay up past 9 o'clock unless they were given permission. They also were not allowed to leave the plantation without a pass from the owner, and they also had to get permission from their master if they wanted to sell something. Slaves themselves were to always follow their master's orders, but if they showed any resistance to their master,they would be arrested.


Some of the punishments slaves got included being beaten with a stick,being punished if they did not obey their master, try to run away, or stealing. Another one of their punishments was that they used branding which was when they burnt them by using a hot piece of iron.

Who punished them?

Slaves were punished by someone called the overseer. The overseer's job was to make sure the slaves did their work. An overseer would use whips and force on them so that they could do their work without stopping.
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