2nd grade-6th Six Weeks Topic 15-17

Keep Calm Summer Is Almost Here!!!

Let's get our students ready for 3rd grade!

Teachers we are almost there! Three more topics to go and we can start reviewing for Final Exams. Let's show our students that even though the school year is coming to an end, the Math skills they learned will be with them throughout their everyday activities. Encourage them to identify those Math skills in their upcoming summer adventures.
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Topic 15 - Data

Students will analyze given information in bar graphs, pictographs, tables, and word problems and plan how to organize the data in different ways to help them solve problems.

Topic 16 - Personal Financial Literacy

Students will apply their mathematical skills as they solve problems involving real-life financial situations and make connections between everyday situations and mathematics.

Topic 17 - Step Up to Grade 3

The lessons preview some important content that will help prepare students for the next grade.

Encourage your students to show you how Math is part of their lives!!!!

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