Multiplying Numbers

Using Friendly Numbers

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Learning Goal: I will be able to solve problems involving the multiplication and division of numbers, using a variety of tools (e.g., concrete materials, drawings, calculators )and strategies

Success Criteria: I can..

  • break numbers into tens and ones
  • use mental math strategies to help me estimate
  • multiply by 10, 100 and 1 000
  • use order of operations

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Topic 3.1: Multiplication Properties


Represent the following multiplication sentence in as many ways as you can.

23 x 5

Multiplying Using the Distributive Property

Here's an example: multiply 17 101 using the distributive property.

  1. Simplify the numbers. In this example, 101 = 100 + 1, so: ...
  2. Split the problem into two easier problems. Take the number outside the parentheses, and multiply it by each number inside the parentheses, one at a time. ...
  3. Add the products.

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Multiply the following numbers. Show your work.

a) 35 x 6

b) 22 x 10

c) 47 x 200

d) 53 x 1000

Can you come up with a rule when multiplying by 10s 100s and 1 000s? Explain.

Multiplying Decimals

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Representing Multiplying Decimals with Base Ten Blocks
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Choose two decimal numbers to multiply together. Represent your multiplication showing at least two strategies.

Perfect Squares and Square Roots

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What do you notice about the following images?
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Perfect Squares (Dark Horse Parody, Katy Perry)


Option 1: Draw a picture that would help someone compare 130 and 260


Option 2: Draw a picture that would help someone compare 121 and 484


Grade 7: Why might squaring a number and taking the square root of a number be thought of as opposite operations? Give an example to justify your answer. (Nelson Math pg. 25 #19

Grade 8: Owen calculated the square root of a number. Then he calculated the square root of the square root. His answer was 25. What was his original number? Explain your thinking? (Nelson Math pg. 31 #20

Order of Operations

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Math Antics - Order Of Operations


Using Order of Operations, and two sets of parenthesis, write an equation that is equal to

128 divided by 2

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What would happen if you didn't use order of operations?


Explain what would happen if you didn't use order of operations in the following questions.

Show your work!

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