Religions of the World

Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam


Christianity is a monotheistic religion with Jesus Christ as their god. They can read about his life and many other stories in the Holy Bible, which also talks about before Jesus lived and after he died. They also celebrate holidays like Easter, Christmas, and many other holidays. They also have a variety of practices depending on what type of Christian you are


Christianity started when Jesus created the Earth and when he created Adam and Eve. It was then spread by Abraham, whose descendants became very numerous and spread the religion even more. Then some years went by and Jesus was born. He went out to spread the word and show that he was the one and only god by performing many miracles. When Jesus died he was crucified and rose on the third day. A week after he rose, he went to his twelve apostles and told them to spread the word all over the world. While the apostles did this they were killed because other countries thought that this was a foolish religion. This religion was named Roman Catholic when it became the religion of the empire. It wouldn't be until the renaissance period when Martin Luther broke off from the Catholic Church. This then started a chain of numerous religions of Christianity, ex. Methodist, Catholic, Protestant. Some ritual that are practiced in the Catholic Church is go to mass every Sunday, reconciliation, adoration, and more. Also all Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas


Judaism is a monotheistic religion with God as their god. Their holy book that they read and study is the Torah, which is pretty much the Old Testament of the bible. The main holiday they celebrate is Hanukkah which celebrates miracle of the oil. A main practice they have is to pray three times a day


This started with the historic Abraham whose descendants were numerous. They were located in the Fertile Crescent until they were forced to move due to famine. They also believe that Christianity branched of them since they don't believe in Jesus Christ. They are also a very strict religion


Hinduism is a polytheistic religion with Krishan as their main god, with three main faces. The holy book they read is divided into two parts, the Sruti and the Smriti. They also believe in karma which is what goes around comes around. The Hindus have many various traditions and have no single finder. It is also the oldest living religion in the world.


Hinduism has a long history of their religion dating back to the Videc times. Their god has a various amount of faces for almost every element and thing on the Earth. Hindus will set up an idol of one of their god of choice which they will worship. They can also go to a temple of the god that they chose to mainly worship. Hindus have many festivals which they celebrate for their gods. Some of the names of these festivals are Ugadi and Bihu.


Buddhism is neither monotheistic nor polytheistic because they think of Buddha as more of a leader than a god. The holy book of the Buddhists is Buddhavacana. They also believe in karma just like the Hindus, but they also have many different ones too.


This religion started in the Vedic age when Buddha went around to teach people about life lesson, logic, and ethics. Another belief that they have is re-incarnation which is when you come back as another person or thing. Buddhists have 5 ethic rules that they believe in which will lead them to a happy, clean life. They also meditate a lot to focus their inner chi.


Islam is a monotheistic religion with Allah as their god they believe in. They also learn about their religion with the Qur'an, their holy book. They believe that their people came from Abraham. They believe in what Mohammed has taught them, who which he got his teachings from an angel. This is another very strict religion that is throughout the Middle East.


This religion started when an angel came to Mohammed telling him about god and how he would spread the word. The things that the angel taught him are found inside the Qur'an. They believe that Allah created the world and everything in it. There main rules are the 5 pillars which are the foundation of the religion. They also have to pray 5 times a day and go to a temple.