Amelia Earhart

A. Cisneros

Early Life

Amelia was born July 24, 1987 in Atchison, Kansas, with Parents, Amt Otis Earhart and Edwin Stanton Earhart. This couple also had another daughter, Muriel. The Earhart family lived with Amelia's grandparents because money was low. She had a close relationship with her sister and made a homemade roller coaster with her when she was six. After high school she went to Ogontz, a lady's school for proper manners (which closed a few years after she graduated). She had to get many jobs to pay for her expensive hobby. Amelia finally got a licences for flying in 1921 and was the twelfth lady to get one. She also bought her first plane at 21.

in the air

Amelia was the first lady to fly across the U.S. and back in 1928. She also flew over the Atlantic Ocean and was nicknamed "Lady Lindy" for it. Amelia later married her manager G.P.Puttman. Little did she know, it was all about to crash down.

last flight

Amelia Earhart dreamed of flying aruond the world. She took Fred Nooonan with her. They had horrible, communication problems their last hours. No one knows the true date, but, the time frame is July 2-5 of 1939. Up to this day, no one can find these amazing explorers.

fun afcts

Amelia Mary Earhart was named after both grandmas. She kept a scrap book of woman who inspired her. Amelia created an active clothes line for woman. Amelia usually wore her lucky bracelet and scarf, but didn't on her last flight she went missing. After she went missing, her husband wrote a book about her because he thought she left too soon.