Universal Children's Day

By: Olivia Shearer

It should Become a National Holiday!!

Here are three GOOD reasons why it should become a National Holiday:

1. On November 20th (Universal Children's Day) The Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted by the Assembly in 1959.

2. Also on November 20th, the Convention on the Rights of the Child took place in 1989.

3.About 25 years ago the world promised to children that we would strive to protect their rights to survive, thrive, learn, grow, to make their voices heard, and to reach their full potential, but many children have fallen behind and are having problems with their rights.

We need this day to show those children that have fallen behind that there is hope! All children, behind or not, need this day to tell them that they are important and have rights! Universal Children's Day must become a national holiday, to show that there is a place for children everywhere on earth!

Universal Children's Day

Friday, Nov. 20th, 12am

United States

The world made a promise...show the children that you have kept it.

Universal Children's Day Is A National Holiday Too!