My 7th Grade Band Year

By: Marilyn Benedict

My Band Accomplishments

Well my band as a whole went to the Ovation Festival and successfully got superior. On top of that I performed a solo in one of the songs we did. It was called Irish legend. I was especially proud of the judges comments on my solo.

Another accomplishment is I went to the solo contest at Byron Nelson and played a very challenging song for me at that time called Poco Waltz. I successfully got superior on that solo. I am also very proud of the judges comments, she said"You are going to be a star!"

At one of the most recent concerts I got an award called the musicianship award. Also, at the assembly we most recently had, I got a medal for band student of the year award.

My strengths and weeknesses

Some of my strengths are probably being a leader, reading notes, and holding a still and steady note. Some of my weaknesses are probably writing out rhythms and playing all my scales.

My future band plans are to be a strong leader in wind ensemble as an eighth grader. Also, I want to go to a college that can teach me all the instruments to be a band director. My goals for next year are to be a strong leader and be a good role model for younger kids.

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Overall Band Experience and more

My overall band experience is long. I have played the saxophone ever since 4th grade. I also play the piano, and have played a few songs on the recorder.

My favorite memories of band were probably the sectionals, and first meeting all the band directors. I also loved getting to know all my band classmates because they made me feel like I belonged.

I learned about myself with the way I work with others. I work very well with others. Also, I can play solo's and be as good as I am today. In 4th grade I would of never thought of myself to be where I am today. I have also learned that I want to be a band director when I get older.

Advice for Future 7th Graders

My advice for future 7th graders is practice, practice, practice! You don't want to slack off till the last minute. You will never be great at your instrument if you don't practice. Also, you need to learn how to cooperate with others, you won't be with just your instruments, you will be with the whole band. Best Luck To You!!!