Lakewood Austin Trip Update

It's news to us, too!

Chaperone News (if you had plans to chaperone, read this)

The bullets below come straight from Education in Action

We were not aware of these details when we announced the trip in August.

  • There will be ONLY 12 chaperones (3 per class), plus teachers.
  • One additional chaperone spot is up for auction at the Harvest Festival.
  • All chaperones are required to ride the bus with teachers and students.
  • No one will be allowed to join our group in Austin unless he/she is a chaperone.
  • Any adults who are not chaperones are discouraged from following the buses to Austin, since they will not be allowed to join or follow the groups when they arrive.
  • Any adult who chooses to follow buses and/or attempt to join/follow the groups will be removed by security.
  • Please, do not attempt to follow or join the trip if you are not a chaperone.
  • All Chaperones must have a completed, cleared background check via this link:

How to become a Chaperone

Would you like to Chaperone our trip? Follow these steps!

  • Become a registered volunteer and complete your background check by using this link:
  • Your name will not be entered in the chaperone lottery unless your VIPS background check is completed by December 1st. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Reply to the form that will be sent home with your child. (coming soon)
  • Attend the Chaperone Lottery drawing at the Lakewood Eagle's nest on Tuesday, Dec. 8th at 4:30. (You do not need to be present to win. We will contact you if you are unable to join us.)
  • or...Bid on the open chaperone spot at the Lakewood Harvest Festival on Oct. 31st. Winners will pay their final bid amount, plus the $85.00 for adult admission to the trip. All bid funds will be deposited into the general fund for 4th grade students.

Chaperone Lottery drawing

In the interest of fairness and transparency Lakewood Elementary 4th grade will hold a lottery drawing for all available chaperone spots on Dec. 8th at 4:30 in the Eagle's Nest

  • We will draw ALL names to establish a waiting list if a chaperone drops out
  • All winning spots must be paid for by Dec. 16th or that spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list and he/she will have 5 days to pay or that spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list, and so on...until all payments are rectified.
  • You are encouraged to attend the lottery drawing, but you need not be present to win, you only need to submit payment by Dec. 16th.
  • Checks should be made out to Lakewood PTA memo: 4th grade chaperone $
  • Only one parent per family will be eligible

Student ticket fees will be due in February (date and amounts to be announced)

Education in Action's Participation Policy

Discover Texas Field Trips Participation Policy

Education in Action limits the total number of adult participants on its ‘Discover Texas Field Trips” to two per ten students. This number includes participating school staff members and parents. Additional adults may not participate. Should non-participating adults travel to the program site separately from the group, they will not be permitted to join the program or any student group. Education in Action’s day programs are closed programs. There are three reasons for this policy:

1. Educational value of program.

Each of the adults on the program has a designated role for the day. One of the two adults per group of ten students is the teacher for their group of ten students. This adult guides students through activities in their journal throughout the program. The second adult for each group is responsible for student safety, i.e. counting the students in their group throughout the program each time they move between exhibits, locations, etc. Education in Action has found that this ratio of adults to students and these assigned roles for adults maximizes the experiential learning opportunity for students during the day’s full agenda.

2. Student safety.

Each of the adults registered to participate in the day program has passed a background check that is on file with the school. Adults that are not registered participants may or may not have a background check on file with the school.

3. Liability.

If at any time a student leaves the Education in Action program with a family member who is not a designated adult chaperone for the program, the student is immediately signed out of the program by the school and becomes the liability of the family member. The student may not return to the group for the remainder of the program.

Education in Action’s Participation Policy, as stated in the school’s contract with Education in Action, is strictly enforced for the benefit of the students.