Fun in First!

Ms. Eadie's Class


Last Friday was our third cluster day! As engineers, students were put in teams of two to create a structure that could hold 5 text books. We had many different creations and most of them worked!

Science Lab

This past Tuesday we attended our third science lab of the year. We learned all about motion, and we had so much fun!

Work Stations

Every day your student goes to a workstation while I pull guided reading groups. Everyone works with a partner to practice the different skills we have been learning in reading, writing, and word study. Below are some pictures of some of our different stations.


Today was our fourth cluster day! In science we have been learning about motion- push and pull. These little engineers created gadgets to pull out a chair. Some were even able to pull the chair when their partner was sitting in it!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures!

Have a great weekend!!!

~Valerie Eadie