Ancient India

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Ancient India was a large, thriving city protected by the Himalaya Mountains. Ancient India had good water, and at most times, good food supply too. There are pros to living in Ancient India, and there are Cons.

The Pros

Some of the good things if you lived in Ancient India were that you were protected from attackers by the oceans and mountain ranges, and that a monsoon usually caused crops to be good. The monsoon made the soil rich and damp, allowing planted crops to get more nutrients and minerals/water from the Earth.

The Cons

The Cons of living in Ancient India were sometimes stole people's lives. Some of the most common cons are that if the monsoon doesn't come, then most of the crops and foods die. Also, Ancient India lived mostly off of these crops and planted foods. This resulted in many people starving. Another con is that if you wanted to visit another town on the other side of the mountain range....Good luck with that.
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