Vote For Chris Christie!

By: Madison Meyers

Foreign Policy

  • America should be clear to world about what we stand for.
  • New isolationism, & reducing anti-terrorism, is dangerous.
  • Remain vigilant but stay connected to rest of the world.

Gun Control

  • Focus on violence control, not gun control.
  • Vetoed outright ban on Barrett .50 caliber rifle.
  • We already have too many firearms in our community.
  • 2009: No right-to-carry cross-state reciprocity.
  • Favors gun control measures from law-enforcement perspective

Health Care

  • Expand Medicare, but no N.J. ObamaCare exchange.
  • ObamaCare was a mistake; a failed policy from the start.
  • Allow insurers to sell "mandate-free" policies.
  • $159M for community health centers for the most vulnerable.
  • 3.2% funding increase for National Institutes of Health.
  • Loosen "one-size-fits-all" approach to Medicaid.

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