Principal Update

February 14, 2014

Copier Changes at BSE - STARTED TODAY

I know that you have all received detailed messages from TJ about the new copiers. Please feel free to continue to ask questions and attend the training in the AM to learn more. We will all be learning so questions will be great so we can keep a FAQ on the ready.



  • The budget reduction plan, part of the THE 2.5 Million for the next two years, has cut 50% of our local BSE school budget. This cut begins NOW as we are living in the January to January fiscal year. Imagine half of everything and that puts in perspective what we are NOW dealing with in terms of local $. In order to attempt to survive this 50% cut we are making the following local cuts/changes.

  • It’s going to be in everything we talk about now….think HALF!!

  • What if you only had ½ a tank of gas each week, what would you do?

  • What if you only had ½ the money you normally spend to go to the grocery each week? what would you do? Would you change where you shop? Would you change what you buy? How would you get creative?

  • PAPER……In 2013 of HSE money we used $4,901 on PAPER…this includes 8.5x11 white copy, color, 11x17, 8.5x14

  • PAPER……In 2013 of BSE money we spent $2,036 on PAPER…only 8.5x11 white paper…(we do still have 2 skids of paper in reserve so we don’t need to buy any for sometime BUT we did spend $6937 on PAPER ALONE…..what if we only spent $3500??? What would you do differently???

  • We do have PTO support for PAPER and there is book rental money built in for paper but we have had the luxury of using that money to buy construction paper with it but again think HALF….what will you do differently?

  • LAMINATING FILM…in 2013 of HSE money we spent $884 on 24 changes of laminating film, that is $36.86 everytime Julie changes the film on the laminator…if that was your own money would you do things differently?

  • NO TEACHER ALLOTMENT $ (This was typically offered in the spring). I WILL request that the PTO keep or attempt to keep most of the PTO teacher allotment $ for the next two years.

  • NO Shredding Toter located in the large workroom (departing end of month). Once it is gone, you need to shred your items in the shredder located next to the trash can/copier in the large workroom.

    § White manila folders can be recycled to the office

    § Shredder can only handle about 8-10 pages at a time otherwise it will jam.

    § If you jam it please notify Teresa in the office.

    § If it is full, more replacement bags are located in the door of the shredder (it opens like a refrigerator door). You can leave trash bag of shredding by the trash.

  • POP AND WATER: We are out and will not get our free batch until next September. I will provide coffee at all staff meetings, however food will have to be through donations only.

  • Science/Consumable $$ - Teresa will be sending a dollar amount to each grade level. Last year this dollar amount was given out in late April/early May and everyone had requested to have this amount sooner. The dollar amount each grade level receives is a direct function of the amount of book rental we collect. While we do still have book rental dollars coming in this number will be a good start so that ordering can begin now. Be on the lookout for this email.

  • 2014-2015 Supply Lists/Student Planners/News Magazines – don’t forget to get to Teresa your selections for next year by the end of the month. Thanks to those of you whom have already turned it in.

V - Day Tomorrow

Remember these simple rules for Valentines Day.

  • We DO wear jeans, even red ones, if you want is FRIDAY!

  • We DO allow kids to share "valentines."

  • We do NOT have a party, but take enough time to allow for the sharing to be positive and community like. If we have indoor recess use the entire time if you like!

  • We do NOT hand out candy or all know that old rule.

  • We do respect all of our children and ensure that those who don't have similar beliefs or are not prepared are taken great care of.

End of Year Awards for 4th Grade

Teresa is beginning to work on Awards items for the end of the year. If you have special awards/items that you need her to order please get with her as soon as possible. All awards desired or sent to TJ may not be selected for use during the actual "graduation" ceremony as we will have to keep the presentation within the allotted time and get our students to lunch ON TIME! A draft of the event will be provided prior to the final set.

Stand Up Comedy for Mental Health - Spread the below

Safety First

  • Do you know where the defibrillator is? In the GYM, near PE office.

  • Do you know how to use it? It will talk to you and tell you what to do...but a little training/research sure helps!

  • Do you know the door #'s of the school? If you call 911 for any reason you will need to give a door # to assist the paramedics. Study your maps:)