Xavier Ramos

Madrid, Spain

Getting There

Before getting to the rich city in Spain you will have to have 2 flights and continued with 5 days of sight seeing and then another 2 flights back to Colorado.


Where to Stay

After arriving at the beautiful city of Madrid you will need to check into a beautiful hotel named "Vicci Capitol". In this hotel the room you will be staying in will be a Double or Twin Room which will include 1 week stay, free breakfast, free internet, flat screen T.V. , and a minbar for a total of $258.53 per night. At the end it will add up to a total of $1,809.71 which for me is worth every penny.


The problems I have came up with through the trip was that how to exchange my money ?... Here in Colorado or a safe place in Madrid?. Another problem that has showed up in my mind was how to communicate to the people there that are trying to communicate with me or for me to try to buy something but not understand them but I have the right solutions.


About the Traveler