Logical Plan: Hand Dryers

By: Meghana, Stacy, Natalie, Audrey

Bad Hand Dryers?-Audrey

These are the hand dryers that we use right now. They waste Electrical and Thermal energy.

Changing the hand dryers- Audrey

Our hand dryers now (Cons)

•Spread of germs


•Takes forever

•Wastes Electrical and Thermal Energy

•43 seconds



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New hand dryers-Meghana


•50% Quieter

•It takes less than 12 seconds to dry your hands

•Most Hygienic


•Each hand separately dried

•79% less CO2

•Slim profile

•Touch Free

•Quick to clean


Little more expensive

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We are going to install them in the Girls/Boys bathrooms at school.

These are the people we need approval from:

•Coppell Board





•Coppell Maintenance


$749.00 -White