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šŸ’¾Analog vs digitalšŸ“€

Analog and digital are very different how you may ask? Analog: an analog refers to audio recorded using methods that replicate the orinagnal sound waves digital: in digital technology the analog wave is sampled at some interval and then turned into numbers that are stored in the digital device.

šŸ“€ What's different between analog and digital technologyšŸ“€

What is analog technology?

Analog technology is we're they store info on electronics instead of stone and on digital clocks and etc. digital: is a entirely different than analog technology instead of storing words and pictures and sound as representations on things like plastic film or magnetic tape we first convert the information into numbers (digits) and display or store the numbers instead. And all laptops are digital as well as all cellphones in the us where you can actually make a call are digital. Digital technology are those technology that used binary system (0 or 1) and laptops and computers are known to be a stuff that uses binary system so they are the common example of digital tec, while cellphones are mostly turned digital these days.

What's different between analog and digital singles?

An analog: signal is any continuos singnal for which the varying feature (variable) of the single is a representation of some other time varying quantity. Digital: A digital signal is a discrete time single for which not only the time but also the amplitude has discrete values in other words. It's samples take on only values from a discrete set.