HHMI -- Life Cycle of Malaria Parasite in the Mosquito
HHMI -- Life Cycle of Malaria Parasite in Human Host
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Body system or systems affected by this condition or disease

Parasites from the mosquitos affect the blood stream and they ride the blood stream to the liver.

Describe how the body system works when it is working normally and then explain how this body system is affected by your chosen condition or disease process. For example: lungs normally work this way but with lung cancer....this happens.

blood keeps your activated but if you have malaria it kills cells and destroys everything

Target population: Who is affected? Give details about the following: Gender (male or female or either?) Age (infants, children, young adults, older adults or no age designations) Ethnicity (is this condition specific to a certain race?)

anyone could get malaria at any age because when they injected their parasite in to the cardiovascular system it starts killing cells.

Diagnosis- How is this condition diagnosed? How does a doctor determine that an individual has this condition?

when they see the parasite

Signs and Symptoms



Anemia, bloody stools, chills, coma, convulsion,

fever, headache, jaundice, musde pain, Nausea

sweating vomiting.

Treatment for this disease/condition

The actual attacks of malaria develop when the red blood corpuscles burst, releasing a mass of parasites into the blood. The attacks do not begin until a sufficient number of blood corpuscles have been infected with


Connections- Do you know someone with this condition or disease? If not, did your research mention someone famous with this condition? Why did you select the condition?

MY grandpa survive malaria. in Vietnam


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