The Community of Opportunity!

Why Should I Settle in Georgia?

Come settle here because this is a land where there is religious freedom. There is also plenty of cheap land here that you can buy. If you are a criminal, then Georgia is your way out of jail! All you have to do is pay back your debts and live the free life that you desire!

What's the Climate and Geography Like Down in Georgia?

Here in Georgia, the climate is a mix of mild winters, and long hot summers. This provides a great variety in weather for different types of crops throughout the year. Vast wetlands and red-clay plains make farming fairly easy as well. When it comes to building your house, our forested mountains provide sturdy lumber which guarantees a safe home for you and your family!

What Faiths are Accepted in Georgia?

Our colony is very religiously tolerant and aware that people are in search of religious freedom to practice any religion that they prefer. Because of that, people of all faiths are accepted! This includes Protestants, Catholics, and Jews. If you are in search of religious freedom, Georgia is the place for you!

What is the Government Like in Georgia?

Tired of listening to the king about how to live your life? Come to Georgia, where the people are self-governed, and an assembly makes all laws and rules to improve the life of the colonists coming here, another reason why life is so much better here in Georgia.

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By Omar Mughal, Prathic Sundararajan, Hala Ozgur, Laura Park, and Daniel Lu