Gun Control

Pros and Cons

Unsure pro or con (Obama)

Barack Obama is uncertain about gun control, because all he wants is better (stricter) control for guns. He also was trying to limit a handgun purchases to one per month , it did not pass. He also voted so a retired police officer may carry a concealed handgun. When asked about the D.C. law prohibiting ownership of handguns consistent with the right for individuals to bear arms , he stated " the state and local government cant constrain the exercise of that right in the same manner of private property rights the city,establishes zoning ordinances that state how to use them." control

Unsure pro or con (Mitt Romney)

When asked " How can gun owners be convinced you will be an advocate for them after signing Massachusetts first ban on assault weapons and 400 % increase on fees?" We had a piece of legislation that was crafted both by the pro-gun lobby and the anti-gun lobby we had both the pro-gun owners and anti-gun folks all together on the stage because it worked. We worked together. We found common ground. I believe we have in place all the laws we need. I do not believe in mew laws restricting gun ownership and gun use. Mitt Romney_ gun_ control.htm