By Tyler Andrew

What is Christianity?

Christianity is a massive religion with over 2.4 billion people involved! It is very popular, but now let me tell you some facts about this interesting religion!

How many gods are in Christianity?

There is 1 god Jesus, the son of god and God him self too! (you might be confused cause I said one but stick with me I will explain). Jesus came to proclaim freedom for believers, and gives joy and peace to everyone who does believe. Jesus will cleanse all of the people who believe in him of their sins. Although Jesus is the son of God, Jesus is the real god! Along with God... the reason people say "the father son and the holy spirit" is because the is only 1 god! The father "God" the son "Jesus" and the holy spirit "like the holy spirit that they bring to billions of people daily.

Birth place of the religion

Jesus was born on Dec 25, year 0. Jesus was born from his mother Mary, Mary was blessed with this child one night. She was in her room about to go to bed when an angel came own and said " greetings, you are highly favoured, the holy spirit will come upon you will let the holy be born. Mary, being a virgin was very confused and didn't have a single clue what was going on. That was until she noticed a bump on her belly and remembered the angel. that was when she knew she was pregnant with the lord. She was travelling to a near by town, Bethlehem. when her stomach started to hurt really badly. she knew she had to give birth now! She tried to get into a motel but there was none available! So she ran to a manger (a wooden crate that horses and other farm animals eat out of.) After lots of pain, the lord was revealed! In the sky, the star of Bethlehem was very bright that night. People came to star knowing that the lord has been born. They gave Jesus gold and jewellery to show their appreciation for him. (Keep in mind that Christianity is just branched off of Judaism and is pretty similar)

Holy Book and Places of Worship

The holy book of Christianity is the Bible, the bible is 800,000 words long and has over 1200 pages. Most Christians love to read it and will read whenever and where ever they can. On the bus,train,plane or at home. The bible is a written book, it has a collection of scriptures written by different people, at different times and at different places.

Festivals and Holidays

In Christianity, there are lots of different holidays to be celebrated. Even if you arent Christian people will still 'celebrate" these holidays.

Lent: It all started on ash Wednesday (the first Wednesday of February) other Christians will grab ashes with their finger and mark a cross on their forehead. then they will forgive you of you'r sins.

Easter: on march 27 2016, Easter will be celebrated. people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus... his death.

Christmas: Christmas celebrates Jesus death on December 25. the reason that all of the kids get gifts is because when Jesus was born he got gifts

Main message of the religion.

The main message of the religion is to reveal who god really is, and his will for man kind. So what it is trying to tell you is that you need to thank god and Jesus every day for doing what they did and how they fought off Satan. But Jesus did say that satin still roams the earth but is to weak to fight god.

How did the religion spread?

Where: In Bethlehem, he healed people and the word quickly spread from person to person.

Dates: Jesus was born on December 25 he was born and word spread that the god has come.

Locations: He healed people in their houses or in public, to show he is god. This was in the down of Bethlehem.

Original Founder and Local religious Leaders

The original founder of Christianity is Jesus. but, without Paul the apostle, who improved Jesus message. people say there would be no churches. Paul the apostle faith is very vibrant and people love him for the way that he acts. He perfected the Bible a little bit and he is really a great help to Christianity. He is Christian... Of course he is!

Important Practices

When you are in the Christianity religion, you have to do important practices. You are supposed to go to church every Sunday to worship god (Because on Easter Sunday he broke free of the cave). Also, you are supposed to read the bible every night to become more smart of Jesus,god and the holy spirit. you are supposed to pray every morning and night, this is when you can talk to god and confess your sins or pray for a loved one who is in danger.

What Was The Relationship between my research and the growth of a civilization?

Back in the older days people would build churches to respect god, this soon came to be that every town/city had or has a church. It can pull people together by believing in the same thing and this is how people make friends at church and how people come together when they know that they believe in the same thing as each other. Also, back then people would fight over what to believe and what is right and what is wrong.

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