Franz Joseph Haydn

(March 31st, 1732 - May 31st, 1809)

Franz Joseph Haydn!

If you do not know the famous, Franz Joseph Haydn, he was an amazing composer born on March 31st, 1732 in Rohrau, Austria. He was recruited at age 8 to sing in the choir at St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna. He was named "court magician", at the palace of the Esterhazy Family. That would support him for 30 years inn 1761.

His Personal Life!

Haydn was one of the 3 boys born to Mathia Haydn and Anna Maria Koller, and his father was a master wheelwright who LOVED music. He lived with Johann Franc, do he could practice and study music. He trained with his younger brother MIcheal when he joined the choir 3 years later.

Pictures of Him!

" I listened more than I studied... Therefore little by little my knowledge and ability were developed.. "

His most famous music!

  • Symphony No. 101 the Clock Symphony, 2nd movement
  • Sonata 62, Hoboken XVI: 52, 1st movement
  • Cello Converto in D