Ms. Smith's 4th Grade Newsletter

December 2015

This month's newsletter is brought to you by YOUR 4th graders!

Math - By: Matt and Rooney

So, this is what we're doing in math: We are working in cohorts. We have learned four multiplication methods and four division methods, and we learn a lot. We try and branch out and do different methods. Here are some of the methods we've learned: Short-cut, Place Value Sections, and Expanded Notation Method.

iTime - By: Braycen, Amir, and Adrienne

iTime is a time when you get to learn whatever you want. You can learn about something or learn how to do something. Here are some examples: Ethan wants to learn Spanish, Braycen wants to learn about Johnny Manziel, Amire wants to learn about Wookies, Adrienne wants to learn how to code a video game, and Claire wants to learn how to publish a book. We research our topic and then present our findings to the class.

Turtle in Paradise - By: Keegan and Lawson

We are reading a book called Turtle in Paradise. The main character is Turtle and she lives during the Great Depression. Turtle's mom gets a job as a housekeeper and the lady doesn't like kids, so Turtle has to move to Key West, Florida to live with her aunt and cousins. One reason we like the book is because Turtle is trying to find her dad.

Healthy Snacks - By: Lia and Avery

It happened, it happened December 1, 2015. The day that healthy snacks became official. We have the privilege to eat a snack in any part of the day as long as it's healthy. Things like carrots, apples, grapes, bananas, tomatoes, oranges, crackers, etc. It's better to be full when you're learning than to be starving. Thank you so much Ms. Smith.

Mindsets - By: Sydney and Brandon

We have been learning about growth/fixed mindsets. A growth mindset is when you don't give up. You believe in yourself. A fixed mindset is when you do give up and you don't believe in yourself. We have a poster in our room that has things you would say if you had a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset. Like this: "I give up!" would be a fixed mindset, while "I can do this!" would be a growth mindset. It's better for your brain to have a growth mindset.

Blackboard - By: Kate and Spencer

Dear Parents,

Blackboard is an online learning tool that helps the class with whatever subject we are studying. On Blackboard you can find challenges, learn new things, and more!

Book Buddies - By: Stella and Taylor

Fourth grade students were paired up with adorable 1st grade students in Mrs. Katzenmeier's class for book buddies. We do crafts, share writing, and most importantly, help each other read. The 4th graders are loving sharing this wonderful experience with their 1st grade friends.

Reading Street - By: Claire and Ethan

In reading, we have been doing a program called Reading Street. On Blackboard, we have a list of assignments to complete in one week. First we learn about our comprehension skill and strategy. Then we learn new vocabulary words from our book Adelina's Whales. We read this book and learn about migration and whales. We also learn about homophones.

MAP Assessments - By: Steven and Roman

We will have MAP assessments on Tuesday, December 8th and Friday, December 11th. On the 8th it is the reading MAP and on the 11th it is the math. Make sure your children get good sleep and a great breakfast. Make sure to have good preparation for the MAP tests. Make sure they are there.

Social Studies - By: Mason and Sabian

Dear Parents,

Your kids are working on Southeast Projects. If your kid brings home their project, they can get on Blackboard and use the online book about the southeast using TrueFlix. The username for TrueFlix is "quailrun" and the password is "books." So now you are filled in about what your child is doing in, and sometimes out of, the classroom.