The Wild Times Zoo



We are open from March 1 through November 8 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m..


Here at the Wild Times Zoo, the tickets for admission to the zoo are $12.00 for adults and only $9.00 for children

Whats new!

We have recently made a deal with the Glendale Avenue location of Dairy Queen! On Wednesdays, for every blizzard sold, there will be $1.00 donated to our zoo to help out! So be sure to stop by and get a blizzard to support the animals here at Wild Times Zoo! Visit dairy queen's website down below!

We have just gotten a new primates exhibit in our zoo! This exhibit will include many different primates such as monkeys, apes, gorillas and chimps! You can learn so much about primates once you have checked out our new exhibit!

Our zoo had partnered with 1951 to have a fundraiser dinner on the forth of July! Be sure to stop over and have a bite, this is an amazing opportunity to spend time with your family and have some family fun! Not only will it be fun, it will help support us and help out the zoo!

Make sure to come on in the zoo to hopefully find a glance at wives' of Packer players caring and helping out with the animals! Every Friday morning they will stop over and take care of some of their animals! To find out more about the Packers visit the site below!

Our exhibits

Here at the Wild Times Zoo we have birds to bears, fish to tigers. Here is where you can explore all kinds of animals and species! We have any animal you could dream of!

Our zoo includes an aquatic, reptiles, big cats, primates, small mammals, penguins, large mammals, and amphibians exhibit! Our most recent, primates contains monkeys, gorillas and apes. Aquatic animals such as dolphins, fish and seals can swim happily as you observe the fascinating animals. There are two mammal exhibits: one for larger mammals and one for smaller mammals. Along with the mammals, there are large cats; this exhibit houses tigers, leopards and lions. We also have penguins of all different types and breeds! Another exhibit is the amphibians, which houses frogs and turtles. Very different from amphibians, we have the reptiles, which has snakes, tortoises and more! Come on to explore the many new animal and new primate exhibit!

Amphibians vs. Reptiles

Find out the differences between reptiles and amphibians!