Magic Marks the Spot

Caroline Carlson


Their is this girl name Hilary that wants to be a pirate but, her father admiral Westfield wanted her to be a high society person rather then a pirate. She had to go to Miss Pimm's like every other girl. Her roommate was name Claire that didn't like Miss Pimm's either she wanted to be a actor but, girls weren't aloud to. Then Hilary got out of Miss Pimm's she hired to be a pirate so she went to gunpowder Island that is were the treasure was and she found out that admiral Westfield was after the treasure to. Then they got the treasure and the treasure was their so she was sent back to Miss Pimm's were the treasure was were they her father red handed.

Why I didn't like

I don't like fiction i like nonfiction better. If it was real i would like it.
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Magic Marks the Spot Book Trailer

biograhy about a author

Carolina Carlson is a very good book author. that is why she has created a lot books. She grew up Massachusetts outside Boston. After she got out of college she moved to Baltimore, Maryland where she became author.