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Ms. Fichter's Kindergarten Newsletter

Thank you for the amazing luncheon!!!

Thank you to all of you for the delicious lunch. We SUPER appreciated it. What a wonderful treat during such a busy time of the year!! Also...there's nothing like a fantastic lunch with incredibly hospitable Kindergarten parents as the hostesses! Our lunch was the talk of the whole school. Way to represent Kindergarten!!

Mrs. Irshadullah will be with the kids today

I am out of town today, Friday May 1st. The kids still have an INCREDIBLY busy and fun day planned. Please e-mail Mrs. Irshadullah at virshadullah@fultonscienceacademy.org if you need any immediate assistance today! I'll be back at school on Monday. :)
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Our class is filled with Super Readers!

  • Reading Logs for April are due today in class.
  • I forgot to send a reminder about AR in the last newsletter so I will extend the April AR test deadline to Sunday, May 3rd. Take 4 AR tests by the end of the day and win a Dress Down Day and frozen treat on Tuesday, May 5th. I will announce the April AR achievers Monday morning.
  • Many students have done a FANTASTIC job turning in and presenting their Reading Logs all year so we will have a ton of Super Reader Prize Pack recipients at graduation this year! Help me earn points to order the books for the Prize Packs by placing a Scholastic order from the catalogs sent home yesterday in your child's folder. Orders are due by Thursday, May 7th.

Ayush is a big brother!

Congrats to the Nanda family on their baby boy bundle of joy, Saharsh. Ayush became a big brother on Mar 31, 2015 @ 10.55 PM. He couldn't be prouder! Check out some of the photos of little Saharsh below.

Birthday Pizza and cake for Mateo!

On Wednesday, May 6th Mateo will be providing all of Kindergarten with pizza and cake to celebrate his birthday! All you need to pack your child for lunch on Wednesday is a drink and some sides!

MAP Testing Success!

Todays Reading test went very well. All of the network issues we seem to have had during the last test have been 100% resolved and the kids had a relaxing (dare I say enjoyable?) testing session today. Everyone was eager to find out how they did and I couldn't have been prouder of the results. As soon as school wide MAP testing is finished, results will be shared with everyone!
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Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Graduation is Thursday, May 21st at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria. Plan on the program lasting until approximately 7:15 pm. Ahhhh….graduation. A time to celebrate the end of a fantastic year, and the start of new beginnings. Let us just say that we are just as excited for the opportunities that await our young scholars, as we are saddened to see them move on. Graduation is definitely an event not to be missed, so I hope all of your family and close friends plan on attending! Please bring your child to my Kindergarten classroom to dress in cap and gown by 5:30 pm. Girls should wear dresses or skirts and boys should wear nice pants (not jeans or sweatpants). This is so the clothing we see under the gowns looks nice and fairly consistent. With the exception of refreshments for the audience, dinner will not be provided. However, there will be plenty for you to view while you wait for the show to begin. Ensuring you get your graduate to us by 5:30 pm is where your responsibilities end. We will take care of dressing the students. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the show!

Want to help volunteer your time or materials for the biggest event of the year? Be on the look-out for a sign-up genius link to be sent out by me by next Friday.

Earth Day Fun!

The kids had the best time celebrating Earth Day last week. They loved showing their recycled, reused, or reduced show-and-tell, creating awesome Earth art and writing (check out our display in the hallway), and tasty rice cake and icing Earth's!
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Last Month for Guest Storytellers!!

Our Kindergarten year is almost over! Come be one of our Guest Storytellers! There is a sign up outside our classroom door for this semester. Please consider volunteering one Friday this year to come visit our classroom and read to our Kindergarten class. They LOVE when we have special visitors :-)

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Schoolkidz school supply orders

How cool is the flyer that came home this week? Everything your child needs for a successful 1st grade year has been hand-picked for you already. All you need to do is pay $138.81 and return your child's order form in their folder by May 8th!

Mrs. Crigler worked closely with all of us (faculty) several weeks ago to put this together and find the best value products for the items requested by teachers. Avoid the craziness of back-to-school shopping in August and get it done now by ordering through Schoolkidz!

Square 1 Art Orders end at midnight!!

I don’t know if you noticed the adorable handprint art that came home in your child’s folder, but today is the last day to place your order if you wanted to get your child’s artwork printed on something like a mug, magnet, or mousepad!

You can order online or over the phone until midnight on May 1st. See the info here:

ORDER ONLINE using the link below.

Create an account using the unique access code located on your free stickers. You may also contact Square 1 Art Customer Care at888.332.3294 or online chat for your access code.

Reading Room Visits Reminder!

Remember, we visit the Reading Room every Monday and Thursday at 2:35 pm. Your child is allowed to check out TWO books each time we visit as long as the books they have checked out previously have been returned. Your child may return both, one, or none from the previous visit. There is no limit to how long your child keeps their books, but remember, they can't check out more until their others have been returned.

Several students have not checked out new books in a while! And now is CERTAINLY the time to check out books...the Reading Room has become even more exciting. Thanks to your donations and the organizational and labeling help of Mrs. Stathos and a few parent volunteers, we have TONS of new selections to check out! If you forget which books your child has out, send me an e-mail and I will let you know the titles so hopefully they can be found at home and returned. If they are truly lost, just let me know. There will be no charge and I will just wipe that book (or two) off of my check out sheet. Lost books happen to everyone now and then. We are just thankful that our entire library consists of FSAPS family donations so no one will be penalized!!!

Help the Destination Imagination Team go to their competition

Mrs. Millar and her students have come up with a few VERY creative fundraising ideas to raise money to go their DI competition. Luckily, we have some super supportive administration members ready and willing to (literally) offer themselves up to help! Send your kindergartener in with a few dollars next week and they can buy...

  • The chance to spray Mrs. Campbell with a full water gun for just $5
  • A piece of duct tape to attach Mr. Sener to a wall for $1
  • A raffle ticket for the chance to win a basket of goodies for $2
  • The opportunity to splatter paint at the last blast carnival for $5

Curriculum Corner...

Reading and Language Arts: In Reading and Language Arts next week we will practice all of the skills we have covered in Kindergarten using a variety of Small Group activities. We will revisit the story elements: main idea, setting, problem, characters... We will also practice our language skills: writing proper sentences, capital letters, punctuation, nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

Social Studies: In Social Studies this week we discussed how Communities and Technology have changed over time. We are almost done with our last chapter in our My World Social Studies curriculum!! Next Tuesday we will take our Chapter 5 Social Studies test. Take a little time over the next few days to look over the Social Studies review packet that came home with your child yesterday.

Math: We will spend this week focusing on Money and we will continue to look at some First Grade skills (time and simple fractions). We will continue to work on Chapter 18 (Subtraction stories).

Science: In Science, we are having so much fun learning about Plants and Animals. We have learned about the life cycle of different plants and animals and we are now observing them. Our students are FULL of butterfly excitement. We received some painted lady butterfly larvae (caterpillars)! We were so excited this week on Monday when throughout the day they worked to turn from hanging J-shaped caterpillars into hanging chrysalis' We are also observing some seeds at they sprout, and we planted grass seeds to make some fun and funny looking "Grassy Head" plants! Next week we will take our Chapter 4 test on Wednesday and then begin Chapter 5- The sun, the moon, and our Solar System!!!! of course, I've saved the best for last :)

Important Save the dates!

May 12: Math MAP Test Day for our class


May 14: PreK - 1st Grade Picnic

May 19: Last Blast Carnival at FSAPS

May 21: Ms. Fichter's Kindergarten Graduation at 6:00pm

May 22: Last Day of School :-(