Fascinating Freshwater

All the imformation you need on freshwater

What it Looks Like

A pond is one freshwater biome. A pond is a small body of water with lots of life. It can have many plants because the soil is very fertile. A lake is another freshwater biome. Lakes are deeper and more permanent. Also a pond has more life close to shore.

Producers at the Pond

A producer is any organism that provides its own food from the sun. This is called photosynthesis. Ponds can have many producers, some are algae, plankton, and water weeds. Algae can be found on top the water, plankton is to small to see, and water weeds can be found along the bottom of the pond.

The Chewing Consumers

Did You Know

  • There is a pink lake in Australia.
  • A lake in Florida is several acres wide but only 9 feet deep.
  • The deepest lake in the world is 1371 feet deep.
What is an abiotic factor? An abiotic factor is any nonliving part of an ecosystem. In a lake some are temperature, rocks, and water.