After Ever After~Jorden Sonnenblick

Grace Bertram #4 | Block 4 | Hinkle


Jeffrey Alper {Protagonist} - Jeffrey Alper is a young teenager who had a type of cancer called leukemia which decays the bone narrow. He was able to survive and keep living as a normal teen because of chemotherapy. But, chemotherapy affected many things that he did for example he could no longer to run because he couldn't lift one of his legs. That doesn't stop him from riding his bike to school everyday. Jeffrey always rides his bike wherever she goes. Chemo also affected his thinking skills because he was no longer as good as he was before in mathematics. But what makes Jeffrey likable, is his personality. He gave people a sense that he was approachable and kind. For example, someone dropped their books and he insisted to pick them up not even thinking that later in the book she would become his girlfriend. Jeffrey, although not as smart as other people, has many other talents and traits that makes Jeffery, Jeffery.

Thaddeus Ibsen {protagonist} - Thaddeus Ibsen is the type of person you can't really talk to. His mean attitude and hatred towards people makes him less approachable than others. His sarcasm and downright personality is what makes him a good friend to Jeffrey. I guess you could say that Thaddeus is the complete opposite of Jeffrey, but also has some good traits in him. Although he doesn't act like it, on the inside he cares about the people he loves. For example, Tad is also diagnosed with cancer and has survived the horror, but in exchange created a gap between him and his sister. He knew that if he died it would bring a lot of sadness onto her. With that in mind, he has made the sacrifice to be mean to her, in order for her to not take it hard. I can see why Jeffrey thinks of him different than anyone else. His love and compassion for those he cares about, truly exposes a different side of him. It's hard to judge people based on their cover, especially Tad.

Lindsey Abraham {Protagonist} - Lindsey Abraham is a young, smart, athletic, beautiful and kind person. She allows herself to see eye to eye with Jeffrey which creates an instant relationship between the two. Her characteristics as a girl physically and mentally is what makes Jeffrey wonder why she was so interested in him, knowing he had cancer. He was amazed to see how she liked him. On her first day of this new school, as she was rushing to class, she accidentally dropped her books and papers. Jeffrey, the kind person he is, insisted on picking them up even though he would also be late to his class. It instantly sparked a relationship between Lindsey and Jeffrey. That shows that Lindsey is sensible about the right kind of people. And even at such a young age she has already knows what she wants her future job to be. Her ability to be social and sense of morals gives me the impression that she only exists in books because a lot of people aren't like that.


I think that the main point of this novel, is to never take anything that you receive for granted, because there is always a plus side to what and why you received it. Throughout the novel Jeffrey always keeps his head held high,looks at the bright side of things and never looking down on himself, but he is always confused about the situation and what to do. You don't really see Jeffrey complain and sit helpless. He expresses his emotions to others, but then finds a solution. Sometimes he gets help from his friends and family, and this opens up another theme, as you grow older, life gets tougher, and its always easier when you have friends and family to get through the hard times.


Jeffrey Alper and his two best friends, Lindsey and Tad are starting the first week middle school in New Jersey. This story is based in the present. The first chapter is a flashback to elementary school. The story ends at their graduation.


New Jersey

This is the state where Jeffery lives and attends school.


This is were Jeffery's mother teaches school.


This is where Lindsey lives before moving to attend Jeffery's school.

Halloween Hop

This is the dance Jeffery attends in eighth grade.

Donald Duck

This is the costume that Jeffery wears to the Halloween dance.

East Village Middle School

This is where Jeffery, Tad, and Lindsey attend eighth grade.

The Conversation

This is the talk Jeffery says all cancer survivors have to have with anyone who might be a potential girlfriend.

Cyrano de Bergerac

This is the play the students read in English that prompt Tad's magnificent gesture.


This is what Jeffery buys for Lindsey for Christmas.

A Hello Kitty bicycle horn

This is what Lindsey gives Jeffery for Christmas as a joke.

Book Recommendation

Mrs. Hinkle, if you are reading this project right now, you should really read this book. I know what kind of books you like and I know you would like this one. This book is really touching and once you start reading it, you won't want to put it down. I literally started crying at the end, and I don't cry at books usually but in this one I did. This book kind of inspired me in a way that I can't really explain. You kind of start foreshadowing when he picks up Lindsey's books for her, you just start to think that they are either going to become best friends, or something else if you know what I mean. This book just makes you think more about yourself and it's really cool. So you should go check it out right now.