Made By: Logan Donaldson

Things about Dyslexia

  • It is a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading
  • The life expectancy is as same as the normal person
  • There is currently not a cure but there are way to get better
  • It is permanent but like i said it can get better
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People you may know that may have the disease

Did you know that many great minds had dyslexia including

  • Albert Einstein
  • Thomas Edison
and more

My interview

Interviewy: Austen Emery

1. Has this affected your daily life?

“Yes, When I try to read a road sign it is difficult”

2. How long have you had it?

“My whole life”

3. Has it ever been difficult to tell someone?

No, not really I really have no problem with telling people

4. Has this changed your diet?

“No, Not at all”

5. What are you not able to do because of this disease?

“Read as well.”

6. How has this affected the people around you?

“They tell me to read something and sometimes and.... I can’t.”