Small Steps

By Peg Kehret

Real Events In Small Steps

One real event is Peg got poilo on page 19. She felt a twitch in her leg in chours and she fell on the floor in the hall. The Second event is that Peg did have roommates at the sheltering arms hospital on page 73. Peg had four roommates, rene'e, Shirley, Dorothy, and Alice. The final real event is that Peg did show Dr.Bevis that she can walk on page 163. Peg walked from the door and the desk to show Dr.Bevis that she can walk

The Main Character

The main character of Small Steps in Peg Kehret. Peg is a great and frendly girl in minnasota. One day at school, she felt pain in her leg and fell on the ground at school, Then the parent found her sick so they took her the doctor and they told Peg that she has polio.

The next few months she overcomes her polio her new friends and her parents then she goes back to school like nothing ever happened.

My Opinion Of The Book

My opinion is that the book was amazing. I would recommend this book because its has so many surprizes.