What's The Buzz

Week of November 9th - November 13th

Learning Targets


Focus: Literary Nonfiction & Main Idea

I can identify the main idea by listening to Literary Nonfiction.

Literary Nonfiction is text that is written in a narrative/fiction structure that provides true information.

Example: Biography and Autobiography

I can identify the main idea by explaining supporting details.

The Main Idea is what the author wants you to understand the most.

The main idea is _________.

A supporting detail is _______.

Word Work/Spelling/Grammar

Focus: Pronouns and Continue 5 Jobs of "e" & Compound Words

I can identify a pronoun and explain to my neighbor what noun it takes the place of.

Examples of Pronouns: he, she, we, me, I, them, they, etc.


Focus: Editing and Revising

Continue: I can explain what edit and revise means by telling a friend.

I can write sentences by using correct capitalization, adjectives, and punctuation. I will use editing marks to evaluate my writing.


Focus: Problem Solving & Doubles +1 & -1

New Concepts: Doubles plus 1 & Doubles minus 1

I can use a doubles fact to help me solve problems by explaining my how I solved the problem to my partner.

5+ 4= 9 I knew 5+5=10 and then I subtracted 1

6+7= 13 I knew 6+6=12 and then I added 1 more

Continue: I can solve addition and subtraction problems with a missing number (unknown part) by using a number line and a part-part whole mat.

*Thinking Patterns that Students are Learning to Help them Solve the Problems: SWA- Some Went Away ( Subtraction), SSM- Some and Some More (Addition), Part Unknown (Missing Part- Addition & Subtraction), and Bigger/Smaller/Difference (Subtraction)

Social Studies: Veterans Day on November 11th

I can learn new information about Veterans Day by explaining what Veterans Day is & why it is celebrated each year.


Focus: Soil

Continue: I can observe, compare, describe, and sort components of soil by size, texture, & color. I will explain my learning with a friend. I will record new information about SOIL is my science notebook.

Important Dates

Monday, November 9th -- Turkey Homework went home

Tuesday, November 10th -- Mavs In Motion @ 7:30 a.m.

Wednesday, November 11th -- Veterans Day

Thursday, November 12th -- Mavs In Motion @ 7:30 am. & Book Fair begins

Friday, November 13th -- Movie Night

Monday, November 16th - Friday, November 20th -- Book Fair

Tuesday, November 17th -- Thanksgiving Meal served in the Cafeteria (1st Grade Lunch Time @ 10:45 a.m.)

Wednesday, November 18th -- Progress Reports Go Home

Friday, November 20th -- Mav Fan Jam @ 8:15 a.m. & Mav Dad Lunch (1st Grade Lunch Time @ 10:45 a.m.)

Monday, November 23rd - Friday, November 27th -- NO SCHOOL -- Thanksgiving Break