Jamestown, Virginia


Our Saving Grace

A few years back, our very own John Rolfe mastered the art of tobacco growing, no one expected it to be what our town is being built upon now. The crop is so successful that it is being planted basically anywhere in the ground that it can grow. Some friends of the men who have passed during our harsh winter months have asked planters to stop growing tobacco in between graves. They find it hard to pay their respects when King Nicotine is ever present. In memory of the great men who have moved on, please only plant on your property and not in the resting place of so many of our past men.

The environmental enthusiasts have also asked that we consider our land. "The crop is simply exhausting the soil, soon all the nutrients and minerals will be stripped from the ground, making it unusable." says local tree-hugger, Benjamin Smith. All they are asking is that planters take some precaution when replanting crops each season, so that we won't have to expand to the back-country for planting and cultivating.

While our recent tobacco exports are rather high, the time will come when we need more land and people to help expand and grow this new industry that could really set our colony apart.

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New Additions!

A Dutch warship appearing outside of town yesterday came bearing gifts; about twenty African slaves were purchased by some townspeople looking for labor. Rumors have been spread that these Africans are lifetime slaves, but several townspeople believe that they are only servants committed to work for a limited number of years. In either case, many people have complained, claiming that these slaves are much too expensive. Will these pricey purchases be worth it? Our recent rise in tobacco production should cover the costs, but we may have to look for cheaper labor soon. This crop could really change the face of the colonies and we must do all we can to help increase those chances, but the small number of Africans will never be enough for what we are trying to accomplish. We need fresh, cheap labor, ready to work so that one day this colony can create a massive outpouring of the tobacco crop. If you or someone you know are in need of work, this could be right down your alley. Job opportunities will be posted very soon.
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Self-Government or Bust

The London Company authorized an assembly of people and called it The House of Burgesses. The twenty-two members from all over Virginia met for six days to discuss important issues in the colony. Unfortunately, the meeting was cut short due to an outbreak of malaria, but meetings are planned to be a regular occurrence. This first step to self-government really sheds a light on all the possibility that is to come. When asked what the goal of the House was, Captain William Powell of James City said "We came together to decide how this place should be run in order to survive these harsh conditions. Hopefully soon, we can begin focusing on making more agreeable conditions for you townspeople." Since the House should meet at least once a year, questions or concerns that you'd like to be mentioned in the next meeting should be given to your local representative very soon. Our colony now has one of the first miniature parliaments on American soil, we can really change things if we stick together. The House was made to help, so use it to better your lives. To learn more about the goals and accomplishments of the House of Burgesses, click here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8tzCbmQZUo
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