Purpose and Value

Listservs General Puporse.

Listserv are email list, that one must generally subscribe to, that allows members to send one email and have it forwarded to all members of the List. The purpose is to encourage discussion between and disseminate information to members of the list.

Benefits can include...

  • collaboration between colleagues.
  • the ability to disseminate information quickly.
  • provide opportunities for growth in professional development.
  • expansion of a participants "subject" knowledge through peer discussion.


I believe that Listserv groups have the potential to be great collaborative tool. However, finding one that is open to the public joining or one that is active in discussion was difficult. I had hoped to gain collaboration with peers in the subject of Education Technology, therefore this was the Listserv topic I searched to join. The following is a list of groups I attempted to join and the outcome of those attempts.

  • UGA Listserv LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU -IT Forum was the first Listserv I attempted to join. I received a confirmation from my subscription request on October 8, but have not received any other contact from this Listserv. I was new to this forum so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong.

  • UVM ListservTIE-L@LIST.UVM.EDU -Technology in Education was a Listserv I was anticipating. It was listed to provided conversation about overall technology in education. After subscribing and getting confirmation of membership, I posted an email introducing myself and my purpose of subscribing on October 9. There has been not any emails received from this Listserv since the initial confirmation of subscription. I had hoped that this group would provide a forum to gain additional ideas on how to incorporate technology into the classroom in new ways.

  • Yahoo -Education and Technology Listserv was listed to be a benefit for educators, teacher and school administrators, but again has been a disappointment. No other contact since the initial confirmation email has been sent, even after a post was made introducing myself and purpose for joining.

  • Classroom 2.0 -Classroom 2.0 is a social network for individuals interested in We 2.0, social media and Educational Technologies. Members must be approved after submitting a subscription request. Members can add a conversation or comment on one already in progress. After getting approval for my subscription request, I immediately skimmed through the conversations already in progress and found one that would have been beneficial to collaborate on "Google Docs and Age Restriction." I added a comment and asked a question on October 23 and have yet to get a response. The lack of communication has been disappointing. However, the Classroom 2.0 members also receive mail outs for live webinars, upcoming professional development or new learning communities an individual can join.

Value can be found in a Listserv, if you can get connected with the right one. Collaboration between professionals in the same field is a powerful tool for personal professional growth. Finding the right group of individual to collaborate with is also important. The group needs to be dependable in order for individuals to gain value from the conversations and ideas. Although, I did not get the intended outcome from this Listserv/social media assignment, I am receiving other opportunities for continued professional growth through this Listserv Classroom 2.0.