Bill Clinton

42nd President

Short Biography...

William Jefferson Clinton or Bill Clinton basically lived with his grandparents while his mother completed two years of nursing school. His grandparents taught him the importance of education and he said that by three he knew how to read little books. His family was not religious but he woke himself up every Sunday morning and walked half a mile to his church. When he was about 14 his step father would abuse his younger brother and mother. One day he finally snapped and stood up for his family. Bill was also very smart and he was voted for to meet President John F. Kennedy when he was 17 years old.

Known For...

Bill Clinton is known for being the 42nd President of the United States.


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Why He Is Influential..

Former President Clinton is influential because he stands up for his loved ones and is a very smart man. He also did a good job being president because he was voted for again. If he was not influential, then why did people vote from him to be president again?