Hydroelectric -City



Hydroelectricity is an energy source made from moving water. Hydroelectricity is renewable so there can be more of that energy because water is renewable and hydroelectricity is made from moving water. We are learning about alternative energy in class and there are a lot of cool sources but the one that the five of us are talking about is hydroelectricity. We are having a lot of fun doing this project.

How Does Water Get Changed To Electricity In A Dam Or Waterfall?

It’s simple, when the water falls in a waterfall or dam it spins a turbine under the water. That turbine is connected to a generator that creates electricity. Then the electricity is taken through an electrical circuit. Then into homes and buildings.

Some Hydroelectric Plants Are...



  • Hydroelectricity gets produced by moving water.
  • Hydroelectricity does not create pollution, produce chemical runoff, or toxic waste.

  • Swiftly flowing rivers or falling water like waterfalls usually carry large amounts of electricity.

  • Dams are built to usually capture energy from the water.


  • Hydropower facilities can change the water temperature and river’s flow.This can harm aquatic wildlife.
  • The dams can change where the river flows, and the reservoirs can flood the surrounding land.

  • The environmental consequences of hydropower are related to interventions in nature due to damming of water, changed water flow and the construction of roads and power lines.