How to Find Volume

of Rectangular & Triangular Prisms - Lilly Carder

Rectangular Prisms

What is a rectangular prism? It's a solid 3-dimensional figure where all sides are rectangular and all sides meet perpendicular.

Either if it's for work or not, it's important to be able to find volume of prisms. To find volume, simply use the formula. V = l w h. This means to multiply length times width times height.


The rectangular prism below is three blocks high, three blocks wide, and the length is six blocks long. Fill in your formula. V=6x3x3. Six times three equals eighteen and eighteen times three equals fifty four. So V=54.
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V=5x4x7. V=140. Simple!
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Triangular Prism

A triangular prism is a prism composed of two triangular bases and three rectangular sides. Volume of triangular prisms isn't as easy. It has two formulas! V=Bh. But before you do that you must find the B (base). The formula for that is B=1/2bh.


First, take your base formula, B=1/2bh, and fill it in. B=1/2x4x4. Four times four equals sixteen. Then take sixteen times 1/2, which divides it. So B=8. Then you can take your volume formula.

V=Bh. When you fill it in, it equals V=8x4. It equals 32. V=32.

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Do the same as the first. B=1/2x20x10. B=100.

V=100x10. V=1000

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And now you know the basics of how to find the volume of rectangular & triangular prisms!