Why it's the best!

Advantages and Advantages!


The railroad is critical to a countries development of Trade, Industry, and Commerce. It also transported goods long distances that are not easily transported by boat or wagon. Railroad transportation is also much more safer than any other transportation, because it is not easily broken and brake down or derailing is at a minimum chance.


The railroad also has some disadvantages like the cost of the railroad is pretty high in the 1800's. Also it takes a lot of work to keeps the train going and the pollution it produces damages our atmosphere destroying it. The train also can't always be on time do to the inflexibility of the rout timing and other trains routs in the way.

History of The American Railroad

The Railroad was one of the most important phenomena in the industrial revolution made by George Stephenson in England, which changed the United States of America and economical and politically changed the country itself. In the following years the USA would see amazing and significant bridges that trains would go over as in the picture above. The train also cut down the total shipping cost 60%-70%, which is amazing. The railroad soon progressed all the way across to the pacific ocean to be 1'907 miles long to become the first Transcontinental railroad and celebration went on for hours and hours.

Youtube video on the railroad.

The Chinese were worked hard on the railroads where they were payed very low.